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We offer methods to eliminate miliaria that occurs as a red bump or blister causing an itchy sensation on the skin.

Synonyms: ■ Miliaria crystallina: sudamina ■ Miliaria rubra: prickly heat ■ Miliaria profunda: mammillaria

Key features

• Sweat retention can be caused by obstruction of the eccrine duct at various levels 

• Miliaria crystallina (superficial ductal occlusion) – clear vesicles 

• Miliaria rubra (intermediate ductal occlusion) – erythematous 
papules or pustules 

• Miliaria profunda (deeper ductal occlusion) – white papules 

• Common in neonates (whose eccrine sweat ducts are not fully developed) and adults living in hot, humid conditions 

• Resolves with relocation to a cool environmen 


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Aura takes pride in the skilled dermatology professionals who deal with a variety of skin conditions daily and make sure to bring better outcomes. Improve your cosmetic appearance and boost your inner confidence level by keeping your skin healthy and beautiful. The photosof pre and post-treatments showed here might help you get a clearer view of our dermatology services and what to expect from them.

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