Hypertrophic Scars and Keloids

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Hypertrophic Scars and Keloids

We help treat hypertrophic scars and keloids with compression therapy, radiation therapy and other treatments.

Key features

• Normal scars are preceded by injury, immediate in onset, flat and asymptomatic 

• Hypertrophic scars are raised and confined to the wound margin. They have a good response to treatment 

• Keloids extend beyond the wound margin and are delayed in onset. They seldom resolve spontaneously, and their response to treatment is often poor .


Our Before & After Gallery

Aura takes pride in the skilled dermatology professionals who deal with a variety of skin conditions daily and make sure to bring better outcomes. Improve your cosmetic appearance and boost your inner confidence level by keeping your skin healthy and beautiful. The photosof pre and post-treatments showed here might help you get a clearer view of our dermatology services and what to expect from them.

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    After-skin 1
    Before skin 1 After
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    After-skin 2
    Before skin 2 After

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