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Offering oral medications or other antifungal treatments for the skin and mucous infections caused by a yeast fungus.


Key features

• Most commonly due to infection with Candida albicans in both term and preterm infants 

• Two distinct clinical presentations: neonatal candidiasis (due to infection acquired during delivery or postnatally) and congenital candidiasis (due to infection acquired in utero) 

• Neonatal candidiasis is characterized by oral thrush as well as pink–red patches with satellite papules and pustules that favor the diaper area, face and other intertriginous areas 

• First-line therapy consists of topical anti-yeast medications (e.g. imidazole creams), unless there is concern for systemic infection.


Our Before & After Gallery

Aura takes pride in the skilled dermatology professionals who deal with a variety of skin conditions daily and make sure to bring better outcomes. Improve your cosmetic appearance and boost your inner confidence level by keeping your skin healthy and beautiful. The photosof pre and post-treatments showed here might help you get a clearer view of our dermatology services and what to expect from them.

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