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Company Profile

Aura Aesthetic Polyclinic is committed to provide high quality, comprehensive and personalized dental and dermatology treatment, through our team of exceptional health care professionals. The company's aesthetic services include hair removal, skin resurfacing, dental care, weight management and dermatological services, enabling patients to access a wide range of services under one roof. We have a multi linguistic team able to provide exceptional services to a wide range of nationalities. Everyone should have the opportunity to harness one's innate beauty which makes a person evolve into someone who is self-assured, unburdened and positive. The feelings of inadequacies about one's outward appearance hinder a person from embracing and tapping into this great part of the self. With our aesthetic treatments, we can ensure that people may feel confident in their own appearance.

Our Mission

To deliver health care that is compassionate, convenient and cost effective. We do this by Employing highly trained and dedicated medical professionals who value and give exceptional patient care Using state-of-the-art medical technologies that help our medical staff arrive at carefully-formed diagnosis Using the latest information systems and technologies to facilitate faster transactions and ensure accuracy of patient data Operating clinics situated in accessible locations, with long clinic hours to cater to our patients' varied schedules and lifestyle

Our Vision

To become the best dental and aesthetic service provider in Qatar and be distinguished by providing the best customer experience in the health care industry.

Our Values

Excellence, expertise & experience are at the heart of everything we do-and we are always looking for the latest yet safe innovations & best non-surgical technology. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal-we believe that everyone is different and therefore work with you to create the right treatment tailored to your needs and goals. We aim to deliver a completely personalized service, in a relaxed and stress-free environment, using the most advanced equipment, materials and techniques. Our relationship with a patient is a dedicated partnership. It is of paramount importance to fully understand our patient's needs so that we can provide the optimum level of care. Our expert team brings a wealth of medical experience, delivering excellence and a level of care which enhance a patient's treatment journey. All your aesthetic needs catered for under one roof. Our treatment range is such that you will not have to look elsewhere no matter what your skin or dental concerns are.

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